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Friday, December 26, 2008

Black Friday?

Is today another Black Friday? I kinda hope so, I have a gift card for kohls that I would like to use. But I would like a killer deal on whatever I get, maybe a new bed set for my bed, I could use one. The comforter I have now, I have been using since before I had Lance and it has a rip in it. I am so picky about what goes on my bed, that i doubt I would even find one at the first 5 stores i went to, so i might just get some shoes or something. :P

Also, Lance LOVES his smart cycle. I am so glad too, my mom ordered it online for him right before she passed away so it is kinda the last thing she gave to him. I need to go to walmart today too. When Chris was slicing our ham last night he accidentally spilled the honey and brown sugar glaze that I put on top of it, all over the floor. I need to invest in a mop and some mr. clean, multi surface cleaner for my floor. My entire house is a wreck. I just havnt really felt up to cleaning it lately, which was a mistake because now I have pretty much 3 xs the work to get it done.

I do however have TONS of leftovers!

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