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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Mother's Day

I had THE best Mother's Day! I got up and went to church with my little boy. He made me the sweetest card in Sunday School. It is a red card with his picture on the front cut out into the shape of a heart! So when I got home from Church, Mallory met me here. We then left Lance here with Chris, and went to get our nails and feet done. It was the most amazing pedicure I have ever had. They even did a parafin wax on my feet! Then after relaxing in the massage chair for an hour and a half, we hit up the mall where I got 2 new shirts! I could have gotten more if I wanted, but that's all I found that i liked. I know right, when I am ALLOWED to go shopping I can never find anything. Doesn't it always work out that way? So when I get home from the mall, Chris had ordered me a new laptop (a little netbook!) and a new digital camera! I am SO EXCITED!

Well, Lance needs a new pull up so I will have to write nore later!