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Friday, March 27, 2009

I am having a hard time

I am so stressed out to the core. Every little thing is getting to me lately. Like this morning Chris and his brother were sitting here in the living room and everything they were saying were really getting to me. I was getting so irritated. And now, my son! He is supposed to be in bed napping. It is 2:46 and his naptime is 1:30. I have already taken all of his toys out of his room, turned off his cartoons, and he still finds things to get into! He has pulled all of his clothes out of the closet and strewn them all over the floor. Even the ones on hangers.... pulled down! He will not lay down. I need his naptime to regroup and regain my sanity.

Also, I am super stressed about this dang Cancun trip. I cannot get my license because I have one or more outstanding tickets. So I have to go BACK to the DPS and get a state ID and HOPE I can get my passport with that. I also have to find 5 other forms of identification. I have to get my dad to find my adoption papers.

PLUS, this weight is not coming off. AT ALL! I had lost 1 lb but now I have gained like 7! What is up with that? I have been dieting and working out and NOTHING is working!