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Monday, December 29, 2008

Obsession of mine.

I LOVE to organize things with plastic bins and containers. I mean I LOVE LOVE LOVE plastic bins and containers. I have five bins under my bathroom counter. One for lotions, one for face products, one for Chris' clipper set, and one for feminine products. Ok, I guess there are 4. BUT there is a plastic container of baby wipes on the end. I have them in my pantry, in my laundry room, in my pantry and of course my closet. I bought two new new ones last night and I was happy. They make me happy. Idk why. They were for Lance's room. He got probably 100 matchbox sized cars for Christmas, so one was for those, and then he got a kitchen food set so he can "help" mommy so I got one for that.

Another obsession of mine are shoes, I realize that this is my biggest material love and I have never touched down on it. It's bad guys... i have shoes that I have never worn. I buy shoes even if I have nothing to wear with them. When I go shopping for a new outfit, I pick out the shoes first. All the money that I get to spend on myself, goes to shoes. If it has a heel you bet I will love it, especially if it is a stiletto heel. OMG, I am getting excited about just typing about them...*sigh* I have a kohls gift card... think I might hit up the shoe department first, whatdya think?