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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New New New

So, in the exitement of getting a new place and a new start, I have been looking at new furniture and stuff. I found a FABULOUS dresser that is sort of vintage inspired! And for those who know me well, know that I love all things vintage! I also found a GREAT comforter! I posted the pic above! I don't want the pink sheets or anything (okay, I do... but I dont think Chris would go for it, lol). I think it would look so good with the black bed that we already have. We have also found a new tv stand to go with our new tv!

I have also been in contact with my mom's best friend from when I was young. We are going to meet up and have lunch after Valentines day! I am so excited that i will be able to talk with someone who knew my mom so well. My sister and my grandmother are also going to go.

Chris went out to lunch with his brother and his best friend Shawn today. They are going to Chipotle and he is going to bring me back some food! I am so excited because I love Chipotle!

Thats all for now! Keep reading!

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