Come on, walk with me...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Body of a goddess

I used to have one. And then I got pregnant. I started working out last night in hopes of shedding the fat belly that I have acquired in the last 3 years. One can hope right? It feels incredibly hopeless. I get so tired and out of breath after like 5 min, lol. Hopefully having Mallory do it with me will help some. I have also got to start eating right. You have to be able to afford more than Ramen noodle and Hamburger Helper for that though. I have actually been craving some healthy foods lately, last night I was craving a salad and today i was craving all sorts of fruits and other veggies. I want to be skinny again so badly, but do i have the will power to find a routine and stick with it? Lets pray that I do. I am so tired of this shit (er, i mean, poop). Feeling disgusting in my own skin, not wanting to wear anything other than pajamas all the time because i feel nothing looks right. UGH! Does anybody know what I am going through here?

I went out to lunch with Nikki (Chris' older sister) and our friend Jen(no not that one, another one)and it was quite enjoyable. I actually got to get out of the house today and do something with adults! YAY for me! Although of course I had to take Lance with me. We went to the Stonebriar mall and Lance got to ride the carousel. He had so much fun. He cried when it stopped.

Thats all thats floating around in my head for now, Ill talk to you all later!