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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Something Super Cool!

I LOVE these. I want to try them so badly! I love wearing my hair bumped! But with certain hairstyles, I have a hard time with it.... This is perfect! Go check it out!


My favorite food in the world is steak. I love it all, cooked medium... with a side of mashed potatoes and maybe a salad.

The other night Chris and I went with Merinda and her boyfriend (also a good friend of mine) to Chilis. I ordered a sirloin steak. It was so good, but I could only eat a few bites due to the chips and salsa Chris ordered before the meal. So, it is not even 10 o'clock yet this morning and I have already eaten half of my leftover steak...

As much as I love to cook (most of the time) I CANNOT cook a steak. Sucks.

I love the prime rib at Texas Roadhouse, but I havnt been there in forever, probably over a year.

Another thing I love are the really gross plascic surgery shows. Just an FYI post.

More from my brain later!