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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's been a while

Since i have blogged. I guess go through phases of blogging. Where I write a lot for a while, then dont write at all for a while. Anywho... The weightloss is not going so great. I made a doctors apt with my doctor to see if there is something I am doing wrong, or something I am not doing that might help and so on and so forth. I have actually GAINED a pound, and I have been dieting hardcore and working out 4 times a week.

In other news, I have my apartment CLEAN for the most part. I still have got to do closets and laundry, and unpack a few boxes but after today I should be DONE! SO EXCITED! We all know how much I procrastinate on getting this stuff done, but I am going to stay on my own ass about keeping it up .

So funny, I ended up having to take ALL of Lance's toys out of his room yesterday so he would lay down for a nap. It worked! I made a place for them in the hallway by his room and that is where they are going to stay from now on. I will give him a few to play with at a time and this will also help his room stay not so trashed all the time, lol.

The BIGGEST news...
So as you know my wonderful hubby works for T-Mobile as a Tier-3 Tech Support at the call center they have here in Frisco. Well his name was on the list to be sent to either Mexico or Argentina for a month to help with training in the new centers that are there. Well, since my baby is so AMAZAZING at his job... he was picked FIRST on the list of 6 people to go! He is going to Argentina for a month in April! How awesome is that?! I mean, I am obviously going to miss him like crazy, but this is a great opportunity for him and pretty much a once in a lifetime trip!

I also FINALLY got an ID! After probably a year of not having one, I went and got one. It should be here soon and then I have to go straight to the post office and get my passport for our Mexico trip in May.

Thats all for now, I will write more later I promise!