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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birthday Fun!

Hello internet! Things here have been pretty busy.... you know, life? So, I havnt really been updating on here as much as I would like. But.... I'm here now, so thats all that counts right? Last week we went to Lance's little BFF's birthday party, he turned 2! Lance had so much fun! I will be putting a couple of pics up on my flikr accnt so go check it out! Also, the same night Lance got to go spend the night with his Aunt Murphy because Chris and I had a banquet to go to for his work! He was in the top 10% of his location (over 700 people!)so he got invited to this dinner/party! We had a lot of fun and I had some wine... lol. He got to go up on stage and recieve an award for being so awesome at his job! I was a very proud wifey.

I have been filling out invitations for Lance's birthday party. He will be turning 3 this month... I am hoping to get the invitations in the mail today so people will have plenty of time to RSVP. His theme is pirates and I am getting him a little "pirate head scarf" to wear at his party. It is going to be so cute! We are having his party at Planet Pizza! It is like an amusement park for little kids and it is indoors! I picked out his cake last night. It is a pirate ship deck and it is going to say "Man the deck! Lance is 3!" on it.

I am hoping to find a babysitter for this Friday night because Chris and I have a friend (Jenny's husband) who is turning 35 and they want to go out for drinks and fun! Hopefully I will be able to find one.

We are moving soon and the date is quickly approaching. We move in 18 days, so i need to get started on packing up this apartment. I am so super excited about our new apartment. I am anxious because since our first apartment, nowhere has really felt like "home". Maybe this one will.

Thats all for now! Thanks for visiting my blog, keep reading and have a great day!