Come on, walk with me...

Sunday, January 25, 2009


So, as you probably already know, I LOVE to pamper myself. There is not much better than sitting in a massage chair with one person making your nails beautiful, while another person is making your feet beautiful. BUT, like the rest of you, my family has come on some hard times... so in an attempt to save money, I have decided, along with my friend Jenny, to do my own feet. I bought myself a "Pedegg" to help with the softening of feet part. Now, this product works GREAT the first time you use it. But after that you need to purchase the refills because the blades on it become extremely dull. I have also discovered that I officially SUCK at painting my toes.

Today is also the start of my new.. "Get a great body for Cancun" diet. I have got to loose the extra lbs! Thats all for now!