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Monday, February 2, 2009

How to get free starbucks

So, let me tell you about my day so far... and it is not even 3:00 pm yet. So, this morning i made a check list of all the things i need to get done today. Some of which included things i needed to do outside the home. So I made arrangements with Chris for me to have the car after his lunch break today. I take him back to work and proceed to drive 20 min away to Big Lots to by Lance's little BFF a birthday present for his party on Saturday. I get there and go inside only to realize that I forgot to get the debit card from Chris. So I wasted the entire trip. Because of this I also am unable to go pick up perscriptions at Walgreens like I needed to do. So, the last stop on my list was to drop off Chris' dress pants at the cleaners. This I actually get done with no problem. I was so bummed however that I think to myself well, I have actually a couple of dollars cash so I can at least treat myself to a frap from Starbucks. I get in the drive through because I have a sleeping toddler in the back, and order. I order my ususal Caramel Lite Frappacino in Grande. Before i get to the window I am going to get my wallet out. It's not there, so I have to wait for the two cars in front of me to get their order to leave. I also cannot back up because there is a line of cars behind me. I get to the window and I am so distraught. I tell the guy, I am so sorry but I forgot my wallet at home. I live just around the corner is there anyway you can set that aside for about 5 min while i run home and get my money. He says, you know what? It is already made, don't worry about it, and hands me my much needed caffeine. And that ladies and gentlemen is how you get free Starbucks.

On another note, I got in touch with my mom's best friend from years ago, and we are having lunch sometime soon.