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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Home sweet home, still.

So, we are not moving. The apartment that we are in offered us a killer deal that we just could not pass up. They took about 100 dollars off of our montly rent, offered us two weeks free in March, a fresh coat of paint, and a carpet cleaning. So we are just going to stay here and fix this place up a little more. We re arranged the living room and it already makes the biggest difference. We are planning on taking down the dinning room table for more room. We are also going to get an entertainment center and a bookshelf. And for the bedroom folks.... night stands. Yes, finally some night stands.

So I baked the test batch of cookies last night with the help of Mallory. The third batch turned out great, so now I know what I need to do for the party. I will bake the cookies tomorrow, ice them on Saturday and they will be ready for the goody bags on Sunday just in time for the party!

I have really been slacking on the whole wifey thing lately. No... not THAT. lol. I mean i have been slacking on the housewifey cleaning stuff. I have been so busy lately with trying to get this apartment ready to move that I have been neglecting Laundry and stuff like that.

Well, ladies and gents, I better get to it! Talk to you all later!

PS. Lance has this toy called The Hooked on Phonics Smart Stick and it is a game to help him learn his colors and shapes. And I am please to announce that at the age of 2 (almost 3) he knows most of his colors and a few shapes!

PSS. Mal is coming over tonight and we are going to start working out 3 times a week! Go us! Maybe I WILL be in shape by the time May rolls around! Wish me luck!