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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Hello to all my blog followers (if there are any),

Today we wrote the obituary. It still feels like a dream. Even when I was at her house going through her things, picking out her favorite dress for her to wear, i still feel like i can't wake up from the world's worst nightmare. As horrified as I am, I still don't think it has sank in to the fullest yet. The viewing is Friday evening, and the funeral is Saturday morning followed by the burial in the afternoon. Maybe then it will feel real.

Well, today is Christmas Eve, and as "scroogish" as I feel this year, i can't ignore the fact that I have a little boy who is super excited about Christmas this year. He opened presents at my grandma's tonight, he is all about the Santa this year.

I am having Christmas dinner at my house tomorrow night at 7. Tomorrow morning, making a traditional Christmas Breakfast of Strata Casserole and doing presents. Then a day full of cooking and baking. Hopefully i will be so occupied with that, that I will not be thinking about the fact that my mother is no longer with us this year.

Good night all, and Merry Christmas.