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Friday, December 19, 2008

Home sweet home

It is amazing how little things can make you so tired. I didnt really do anything particularly strenuous today, just go to Dallas, and get Lance's pics, hung out with my grandma a little bit, saw my big sister and my friend. Now that I type it out it seems like a lot, lol. I am BEAT. I dont know if I will be able to muster up the energy to make dinner. Maybe something simple like spaghetti. BTW, I make the best spaghetti! I mix a can of sauce, with cream of chicken soup (should be mushroom, but my hubby has attitude about mushrooms), and a package of dry spaghetti mix, brown some hamburger meat and mix all of that together with the spaghetti (thin) in my casserole dish. Top it off with Shredded cheddar cheese and pop it in the oven until it is heated all the way through and it is SOOO good, if I do say so myself. I am pretty sure that was one heck of a run on sentence, but whos keeping track?

Anyways, my little monster is being a little too quiet, better go see what he's up to!

Never underestimate the power of...

a morning cup of joe! Seriously, the first thing i do in the morning besides turn on cartoons for Lance, is make a pot of coffee. Until I get the first cup down I am pretty much worthless. It was so funny, lol. I was standing in the kitchen trying to make Chris' (my husband) lunch for work today while my coffee was brewing and it litterally took me the whole time and all I had to do was make a coupld of sandwiches.

So here I sit, coffee, with vanilla caramel coffee creamer, next to my laptop and life is good.

On another note, I am headed to Dallas today. Last time I was in town at my grandma's we went and got my precious baby boy's pictures made. They are ready today, so I and going to battle the highways and head to the big D again today to pick them up. Ususally when I go to Dallas I make a day of it because Merinda lives there. If you frequent my blog from here on out, you will hear much about her as she has been my best friend since kidnergarten. She just got her tonsils out the other day and I need to stop by and make sure she is surviving okay.

I guess thats all for now, have a great day!