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Friday, May 1, 2009

Home Management Binder

So, I have really been trying hard to be a "domestic diva" a "domestic engineer" if you will. I have been busting my butt around here to keep it clean and tidy and every other word for spick and span that you can think of. It just had not been working for me for so long. I was unmotivated, unorganized and just plain lazy! BUT I read a book called Happy Housewives : I used to be a whining, complaining, desperate housewife, but I snapped out of it and you can too! by Darla Shine. The book really inspired me to be a REAL homemaker. But I knew I would need some help staying on task. I did some research and read that a lot of women make Home Management Binders. So I gave it a shot. My home management binder contains the following. When you first open it up is my menu for the week. Then behind that is my grocery list that I am keeping for the next week. As soon as I think of something we will need, I write it down, or as soon as we run out of something, I write it down. Next start my dividers. Planning, which contains my to do lists that I make. I make one a day and keep them all so I can keep track of my progress. This section also has my chore list. So if I write down that I need to clean the kitchen, I can flip to my chore list and see exactly what to do in the kitchen.

The next divider is "Phone Numbers". This is where I keep take out menus and keep a list of all of mine and Chris' phone numbers in case something happens to either cell phone, or a babysitter cannot get ahold of one of us or whatever.

Next is "Home Management". This section contains printed out calenders, one per month. I write down every appointment, play date and errand on it that way i dont forget. I also check the calendar every day and write down that day's running around on the to do list for the day.

Next section is for the bills that come in the mail. The ones that need to be paid. After they are paid, I remove them so I know what still needs to be paid and what doesnt.

The last section is for "Meals". This is were I keep extra meal plan forms which i make and print out on the computer. I also keep old menus here so I can look back if I am having trouble deciding what to pu ton a menu, and get ideas.

I also keep extra paper and a pen in my notebook at all times.

So there ya have it, my saving grace. With the help of my HMB (for short) my house looks amazing, my life is organized and in order, and everyone is much happier!

You should make one and see the difference that it makes in YOUR life!