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Monday, February 16, 2009

Car Trouble

Car Trouble? Hardly! Try no car at all! I wrecked it. Yes, I am fine, and no Lance wasn't in the car. My car however needs some TLC now. This stupid driver came into my lane, and instead of hitting the car, I ran up on the curb. Then I lost control of my car and got back on the street and ended up on the sidewalk again. I broke my wheel and the oil filter. Needless to say, my car is not drivable now.

This puts us in a small predicament. Chris now has to walk to work (Thank God we live close), and I am having to call on friends to come get me to run errands. The worst time for this to happen as I am trying to get Lance's birthday party together. Jenny is going to come and pick me up on Friday and take me to Party City that way I can get the table cloths and plates and balloons. Merinda is coming out early on Sunday to take me to get the cake (which I can order on the phone)and to get the balloons aired up! Things seem to be working out for the most part, but I hate feeling totally helpless. The good news is, my car should be fixed sometime this week.