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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just an update on me!

So, I have been searching for more things to do with my son... as you already know. I came across this website just minutes ago and looks like something I want to do.
It's a club for mom's and kids and they organize a bunch of activities per month. Like Park days, and play groups and field trips. I am pretty excited about it, I emailed them for more information.

Also this swine flu thing has gotten me so paranoid. Go figure that this stuff would come up right before my trip to Mexico right? I even took Lance to the doSoctor today for a cough because I was cared that it might be swine flu. I know, paranoid.

So, my dad called me today with major attitude saying the wedding is off. He was all like, are you happy now...? Well, as it turns out she doesnt want to marry him unless his family is happy with it and well, since I am pretty much his only family, and I don't support it... tough titties for him. lol. Then he called back and said that he doesnt know if the wedding is on or off, they have to get together to talk. Bleh....

Thats all for now...

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