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Monday, December 22, 2008


So I have a morning routine... Kid wakes me up, I send him back to bed (2xs)Then I get up and start the coffee, stumble to the bathroom and wash my face. After that I venture into kiddie land and change a pullup. By this time coffee is done and I make that oh so amazing first cup, dish out breakfast, and sit down with my computer in my lap. Visit myspace, see if there is anything interesting going on, go do a little twittering, and make my way here.

If only the rest of my life were this simple and relaxed. Maybe i need a routine for everything. In fact I probably need to make a cleaning routine/schedule that way i dont forget anything and i actually do it all instead of saying I am going to do it. For instance, I ALWAYS clean my kitchen, probably a few times a day, after I put away the coffee, and after I do the dishes, and always after I cook. So the Kitchen.... is not a problem. But I need to develop a system to keep my bedroom, living room, well pretty much everyroom in the house in order. My husband likes to come home to a tidy house. And since I am just a housewife and a mother, I should be able to do that, and I just barely sqeek by which annoys him. He thinks that since i am home day in and day out that everything should be spotless, and i agree it should!

Any ideas as to actually getting it done?

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